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Inon 67mm Double Lens Holder

Inon 67mm Double Lens Holder

SKU # ino.456212143172


Inon 67mm Mount Double Lens Holder

The Inon 67mm Mount Double Mount Lens Caddy provides a place to store your wet mountable 67mm mount lenses securely and conveniently when not in use. It allows you to quickly switch between wide-angle and close-up lenses for more shooting flexibility without fumbling around trying to get your lens into or out of a BC pocket.

The caddy comes with two lens mounting rings, and the hardware to attach them to a strobe arm (ULCS or INON), or the INON Grip Handle. Fully compatible with the UWL-100 Type 1 Wide Angle Lens, the UWL-100 Type 2 Wide Angle Lens, the UCL-165M67 Closeup Lens lenses, as well as 67mm mount lenses from Epoque and Olympus.

The caddy also comes with a single mount hardware kit if you only want to mount one side of the caddy.

For AD mount lenses, use the AD Mount Lens Caddy.