Inon 28AD Mount Base for Olympus PT-045/047

Inon 28AD Mount Base for Olympus PT-045/047

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Inon 28AD Mount Base for Olympus PT-045/047


 This INON mount base is designed for the Olympus PT-045 (Tough 8000) and PT-047 (Tough 6000) housings. 

The 28AD mount base is the attachment point for INON's UWL-100 28AD wide conversion lens as well as INON's UCL-165AD close-up lens.  

The UWL-100 28AD is a wide angle conversion lens with 100 degree maximum underwater view angle. It is designed to provide optimum optical performance with camera/housings having a 28mm wide lens (35mm film equivalent). The UCl-165AD close-up lens has a 165mm focal length and makes high magnification close-up photography possible by shortening the close focus distance, allowing the photographer to get closer to the subject.

Note: The UWL-100 28AD lens is not recommended for use with the PT-047 (tough 6000) as the camera master lens and the lens port of the housing do not align well.  

The 28AD Mount Base is compatible with the Optical D Cable/Cap W48 set (fiber optic cable) for strobe use.

(In order to use the Optical D Cables with the bushing plug sets the mount base must be removed.)

Inon recommends the use of the Grip Base D4 set (grip base d4 and z joint) for strobe attachment.