Inon 28AD Mount Base DC17 for Canon WP-DC17 (Powershot SD870)

Inon 28AD Mount Base DC17 for Canon WP-DC17 (Powershot SD870)

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This INON mount base is designed for the Canon WP-DC17 housing, which accommodates the Canon Powershot SD870 IS Camera.  It attaches securely to the base of the housing once the DC17's diffuser is removed.

The 28AD mount base is the attachment point for INON's UWL-100 28AD wide conversion lens as well as INON's UCL-165AD close-up lens. The UWL-100 28AD is a wide angle conversion lens with 100 degree maximum underwater view angle. It is designed to provide optimum optical performance with camera/housings having a 28mm wide lens (35mm film equivalent). The UCl-165AD close-up lens has a 165mm focal length and makes high magnification close-up photography possible by shortening the close focus distance, allowing the photographer to get closer to the subject.

This item is compatible with the Optical D Cable/Cap W3 set (fiber optic cable) for strobe use. INON Grip Base (DII or DIII) or ULCS Digital Tray (tr-d) can also be attached to the bottom of the mount base if needed.

Please note that the "AD mount converter for UCL-165AD" will NOT be required to mount the UCL-165AD Close Up Lens.