Ikelite Modular Flat Port Glass

SKU # ike.5510.35


Ikelite Modular Flat Port

The Ikelite modular port system allows you to build a port out of universal components to accommodate a variety of macro, zoom, and wide-angle lenses. The interchangeable port bodies and extensions combine to create endless combinations for maximum versatility and performance.

Available Port Bodies:

Due to refraction flat ports reduce the angle-of-coverage of a lens and at the same time enlarge the image, ideal for shooting small subjects with a standard, macro or zoom lens.

Port Extensions can be added to any Port Body and Modular Dome or Modular Flat Assembly combination to extend the overall length of the port.

Available Port Extensions:

Extension length is added to overall lens length accommodated by a given port combination. Lens length is measured as the maximum extended length from attachment point on the camera body. Maximum lens diameter is limited to 8.4cm (3.3").