Ikelite Blue PCa LED Flashlight

Ikelite Blue PCa LED Flashlight

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Ikelite Blue PCa LED Flashlight

The ultimate choice for use above and below water. Ikelite Stay-Brite LED technology outshines budget LED lights hour after hour. Special optics concentrate the super powerful white LEDs into a penetrating spot beam. A locking switch prevents the light from accidentally turning on when not in use.

Rubber and ABS construction provides durability and 100% corrosion-free performance. The lifespan of LED bulbs is 50 to 100 times that of standard incandescent lamps, making replacement bulbs virtually obsolete.

What's Included

  • LED flashlight
  • 6 AA batteries
  • Vinyl break-away safety lanyard
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube


  • 300 ft (90 m) depth rating
  • 205 lumen concentrated spot beam
  • Over 7 hours burn time
  • Accepts 6 AA NiMH or Alkaline batteries
  • Dimensions 2.5 x 4 in (63 x 101 mm)

Spare Parts

  • 0134.28  O-ring
  • 9030.6  Battery plate set
  • 0321.10   Vinyl lanyard
  • 0184.2  Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube