Ikelite 8 Inch Dome Port Assembly with Shade & Neoprene Cover

Ikelite 8 Inch Dome Port Assembly with Shade & Neoprene Cover

SKU # ike.5510.45


Ikelite 5510.45 8" Dome Port with Shade and Neoprene Cover

The 8" dome is the perfect counterpart to today's super-wide angle lenses, and is particularly useful for over-under (split) photos.

The Ikelite 8" Dome Port features a modular concept consisting of the dome assembly, which is mated with one of four different interchangeable mounting body lengths to match it precisely to your camera/lens combination.

  • #5510.10 Super Wide Body* - add $ 150
  • #5510.16 Standard Zoom Body - add $ 150
  • #5510.22 12-24 mm Body** - add. $ 175
  • #5510.24 Extended Body - add $ 175

This dome port is also available without the shade as part #5510.40.

* Super Wide port body #5510.10 is supplied with #9072.24 low profile port locks that must be installed on older housings. These lower profile port locks can be used with any Ikelite port. The Super Wide port is slotted to drop over these closed port locks and turn like a bayonet style mounting. Low profile port locks are supplied on all current housing models.

** The #5510.22 has been optimized to operate with the Nikon 12-24mm zoom lens. Addition of a +2 diopter close-up lens to the camera enhances corner sharpness.

Note: The Super Wide port is not compatible with older Ikelite SLR Housings for film cameras.