Ikelite 200DLM Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R10

SKU # ike.69742


Ikelite Canon EOS R10 Underwater Housing


Ikelite has a reputation to produce high quality underwater camera housings, and the Ikelite Ikelite Canon EOS R10 Underwater Housing lives up to the name. The housing is small, compact and lightweight which makes it great to bring when going on dive trips. It is also built from ABS-PC material which provides strength and requires minimal maintenance. The housing also has great ergonomics. Button and lever location has been well thought off to make your shooting experience wonderful even when wearing thick gloves.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomics - The Ikelite R10 Housing has excellent ergonomics. Buttons, levers and dials are located at your fingertips. The curved trigger levers for shutter and back button focus can hug the side of the housing if shooting without a grip or be extended for easy reach from an optional handle. AF-ON is accessible with your thumb by a lever control at the side of the housing. When combined with back button focus, this provides a shooting method far easier than attempting to half-press the camera's shutter button. Soft-touch control knobs add comfort and extra grip to the main dial, quick control dial, power switch, and lens release. Stainless steel, direct-drive rotating controls are virtually fail-safe and user serviceable and adjustable in a pinch.
  • Setup - Installation and removal of the camera is very easy.  A small mounting plate attaches to the bottom of the camera and secures in the front of the housing. The camera mounting plate does not need to be removed from the camera for surface use or when changing the battery or memory cards. The mounting plate features a 1/4-20 threaded mount on the bottom so that it can be attached to a tripod on the surface.
  • Vacuum Testing - The optional Ikelite Vacuum Kit allows you to draw a vacuum on the housing to check for proper assembly prior to entering the water and provides peace of mind.
  • TTL Strobe Exposure - Ikelite offers a fast and accurate TTL converter - Ikelite DL5 DS Link Canon TTL Converter and CT1 TTL Hotshoe Kit which can be programmed to the camera's specific TTL protocol and supports both first curtain and rear curtain sync up to the camera's maximum flash sync speed.  Exposure compensation can be used added or subtracted in the camera. A push button and indicator light on the side of the converter make it simple to switch back and forth between TTL and manual exposure underwater.
  • Strobe Compatiblity - Strobes can be connected via electronic sync cord, fiber optic strobes are not compatible

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