Ikelite 200DL Underwater

for Nikon D810

SKU # ike.71009


Ikelite 200 DL Underwater Housing for Nikon D810

Camera, lens, and lens port are not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

  • Access to all important camera functions
  • Capable of electrical TTL strobe exposure
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Glass optical viewfinder enhanced for underwater
  • Visible o-ring seals
  • Corrosion-proof solid body
  • Ports available for most popular lenses
  • Lens zoom gears included with housing
  • 200ft (60m) depth rating

Key Features

This housings supports your choice of shooting all manual or adding a TTL converter depending on your application.  The flash bulkhead has been moved to the top of the case for improved cord routing and reduced strain.  Reliable locking connectors between the hotshoe and bulkhead make it easy to install the optional TTL hotshoe or carry back up parts when traveling to remote locations.

You can still enjoy the fastest and most accurate TTL exposure on the market by adding the NT2 Nikon TTL hotshoe # 46064, Nikon TTL Converter with Ikelite plug # 4301.3, and a compatible Ikelite DS strobe.  Exposure compensation can be used added or subtracted in the camera.

Vacuum System

The included vacuum valve allows you to vacuum test the housing to check for leaks prior to putting your expensive equipment in the water.  Combined with a full view of the camera and o-ring seal through the back of the housing, there is no greater assurance that your gear will be safe.  Ikelite signature open-groove design suspends the rear o-ring in a natural position that is easier to maintain and more reliable than forcing the o-ring into a channel.  Use of the vacuum valve requires a compatible Vacuum Pump with Gauge # 47011, sold separately.


Controls are provided for every camera function except the metering selector, diopter adjustment control and flash pop-up button.  Shutter, video recording start/stop, and a large zoom control knob can all be comfortably reached without removing your hands from the handles.  Comfortable rubberized grips provide quick-release attachment points for strobes and accessories.  The tray and handles may be removed from the housing for convenience in traveling.  The complete housing is neutral or slightly negative in freshwater depending on choice of lens port.

Required Accessories

Ikelite Standard or Modular Lens Port
A compatible Ikelite lens port is required for operation of this housing and must be purchased separately.  Lens ports vary based on length and type of lens.

Recommended Accessories

Ikelite DS-series Substrobes
Take full advantage of our exclusive circuitry for true Nikon TTL metering by attaching a current model Ikelite DS Substrobe.

Sync Cords for Ikelite Substrobes
Accepts Ikelite 4103.51 single or 4103.52 dual sync cord to attach an Ikelite DS Substrobe.

Sync Cords for non-Ikelite Substrobes
Available to attach compatible Nikonos, Sea & Sea or Inon strobes. Non-Ikelite strobes disable the built-in TTL circuitry and provide manual flash exposure only. Optically triggered strobes are not compatible with this installation.

Right Side View
With Port Removed
Left Side View
With Port Removed

Strobe Options

TTL Exposure
  • Install optional Canon TTL Kit Product number 46070 for automatic TTL exposure with compatible Ikelite DS-model Strobes.  Ikelite DS-model strobes may be used with this system without the Canon TTL Kit installed, but will not provide TTL exposure.

Non-Ikelite Strobes

  • SEA&SEA, INON, and Nikonos strobes with an electrical connection can be triggered in manual exposure modes using an electrical sync cord.  Strobes without an electrical sync cord connection cannot be attached to this system unless slaved off of a hard-wired strobe.

Ikelite Non-Digital Strobes

  • Older non-digital strobes featuring an ICS-5 electrical sync cord bulkhead can be used with this system in manual exposure modes.

Fiber Optic

  • Fiber optic only strobes are not compatible with this installation. An external strobe must be connected by electrical sync cord.

Remote Triggering

  • Strobes with remote slave capabilities may be triggered off of a flash attached to the housing by electrical sync cord.  Ikelite DS strobes support remote triggering using the Optical Slave Converter Product number 4403.

Controls provided for all important camera controls that you might access underwater.
Controls are not provided for: release mode dial, release mode dial lock release, viewfinder diopter adjustment control, eyepiece shutter lever, Pv button, Fn button, Focus-mode selector, BKT button, Focus selector lock

Weight 2.2 kg (4.9 pound) not included tray, handles, port, or camera.

Dimensions: 231 x 178 x 165mm  (9.1 x 7 x 6.5 inch)

Buoyancy: slightly negative in freshwater

Depth Rating: 60 meter  (200ft)

Built-in Flash: no

Strobe Connection Ikelite digital TTL electrical bulkhead

Tray Mounting    
    1/4-20 thread with 3.5 inch spacing

What's Included

  • Housing
  • Tray with left hand quick release handle
  • Rear o-ring #0132.61
  • Front o-ring #0132.45
  • Port hole cover 0200.92
  • Zoom gear retainer #0945.06
  • Tool for zoom gear retainer #0945.06
  • Waterproof bulkhead cap 9104.5
  • 1/16 inch hex key
  • 1/8 inch hex key
  • Control & pushbutton tip assortment #9249
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Spare Parts, not included

  • 0132.61 Main o-ring
  • 0132.45 Port o-ring
  • 9104.5 Waterproof bulkhead cap
  • 0184.2 Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube