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Ikelite 135mm Macro Port

Ikelite 135mm Macro Port

SKU # ike.9306.05


This optional 135mm Macro Port can be used in place of the housing's original port to shoot extreme close-up photography underwater.  The original lens port is removed and the 135mm Macro Port simply threads into the front of the housing for quick and easy installation.  The Macro Port is optimized for use with the camera in the 100mm to 135mm focal length range, with or without an external macro lens.  Ikelite recommends using the 135mm focal length combined with the camera's built-in digital teleconverter function for some incredible macro shots to rival much more expensive DSLR and mirrorless systems.

The lens cannot be zoomed underwater in this installation.  The lens can be used at focal lengths wider than 100mm, but may exhibit vignetting (dark shadows around the corner of the image).

Compatible housings: