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Heinrichs-Weikamp Remote Slave Unit with Nikonos Connector

Heinrichs-Weikamp Remote Slave Unit with Nikonos Connector

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Heinrichs-Weikamp Remote Slave Unit with Nikonos Connector

The Remote Slave Unit RSU is a very sensitive microprocessor controlled photosensor that triggers underwater strobes over large distances. No TTL function is build in the RSU as in the Digital Adapter. The RSU does not work with active preflashes. Hence in most cases an additional external strobe is necessary to suppress the TTL preflashes of most digital cameras. Under mint conditions distances exceeding 25 meters can be covered with the RSU system underwater. The major application range is creative pool, wreck and cave photography.

Which underwater strobes can be used?
All underwater strobes (TTL and non TTL) with 5 pin Nikonos connector are working fine with the following limitations. The strobes are equipped with a strobe ready signal of at least 4 Volts on the connector to power the RSU. The trigger voltage can be up to 30 Volts. Instructions to measure the voltages can be given on request.

Furthermore all strobes known to us with 4-pin Sea&Sea Motormarine connector are compatible to the RSU-S version. Modifications to the strobe could be necessary. 

Can two or more strobes be used in parallel? Are dual strobes possible?

Yes, a dual sync cord can be used without limitations.