FIX Neo Light Head 1200 Lumen, BLUE

SKU # fix.30356


Fix Neo Light Head 1200, Blue

Fix Neo Blue Light Head:
The Neo Blue Light Head emits a unique blue light frequency to excite proteins in many marine animals to create unique fluorescent video and photo opportunities. 

Add Blue to any Neo light:
The Blue Light Head can be attached to any Neo model. This reduces the expense of fluorescence imaging by removing the necessity of purchasing a complete dedicated fluorescence light.

Lumen: N/A
Run Time high power:       90 min.
Beam Angle: 100°
Charge Time: 2 hours maximum
Swappable Battery: Yes
Battery Capacity: 3,100 mAh
Adjustment: 1% or 25% steps
Depth Rated 100 meter

A good waterproof design means that opening the unit to swap batteries can require a strong grip.  The Fix Neo Opener Tool provides a great deal of leverage, making this task quite easy.