FIX NEO Premium 4030 DX II Video Light

FIX NEO Premium 4030 DX II Video Light

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  • The light distribution pattern is wide and even without distortions or hotspots.
  • The color reproduction nature of the warm colors with the LED module of high color rendering index Ra90.
  • 120 degrees super wide beam with dome lens.
  • A simple push button controls 4 levels of brightness (25, 50, 75, 100%)
  • Two dimmer switches can fine tune brightness from 1-100% in 1% increments.
  • Removable and compact battery. The FIX light batteries are approved for airline travel.
  • The data displayed one the color LCD panel makes information easy to read.
  • An over-pressure relief valve is built in.
  • High temperature production mode prevents internal damage to the light if the light becomes too hot during use.
  • Light module and battery module are independently sealed against moisture. This feature minimizes the risk of damaging critical components due to flooding.
  • SOS signal and blink mode are pre-programmed.
  • Default function memorizes the light output setting when the power in turned OFF.
  • Supports NEO remote control system (optional).


An approximately 120 degree ultra wide beam of coverage is a great match for wide-angle video and photo solutions. The NEO exposes the subjects underwater with a premium high color rendering Ra90. Color LCD display shows both output level and minutes remaining. Easy lighting adjustments in 1% increments or 25% output steps.



    Luminous power


    Beam angle

    120deg (w/dome) / 100deg (wo/dome)

    Color temperature


    Color rendering index Ra90
    Continuous burn time 30 minutes
    Usability in air N/A
    Charge time 3 hours
    Battery capacity 3600 mAh
    Materials Aluminum alloy, Reinforced resin
    Depth rating 100 meters
    Size 66mm diameter x 138mm length
    Weight (in air) 435 grams
    Weight (underwater) 132 grams


    Frosted Silver


    In the box:

    • Neo Light
    • Li-ion battery 3600L
    • NEO Charger
    • Charging Plug II
    • Charging Connector Cap II
    • NEO Dome Lens
    • NEO Dome Ring
    • 2-way Handgrip
    • NEO YS base
    • Ball Adapter
    • GoPro Adapter
    • Loc-Line Adapter
    • Wrist Lanyard
    • Spare O-Ring
    • O-Ring remover
    • O-Ring Grease
    • Allen Key
    • Lock Screw
    • Users manual