Fantasea EyeDaptor Step Down Ring (Choose Size)

SKU # fse.4721


Please choose from the three different variations of this product. If you are unsure which one is best for you, please ask us directly!

Fantasea EyeDaptor M55 to F67

This adaptor fits on housings that have M55 threaded ports.  This adaptor then allows you to use common 67mm close-up lenses, color correcting filters, etc.

The adaptor will work well with closeup lenses and many, but not all, wide-angle lenses.


Fantasea EyeDaptor M46 to F55

The Fantasea EyeDaptor M46-F55 Step Down Ring allows you to mount any 55mm threaded accessory lens or filter on camera housings featuring a 46mm threaded lens port.


Fantasea EyeDaptor M67 to F52

Use the Fantasea Line M67-F52 EyeDaptor step-down ring to attach wet lenses or filters with 52mm threads to a lens port with a 67mm thread. Note that some lenses may not be compatible with your camera or housing due to various optic reasons.