Nauticam Easitray II with Left Handle (with 2pcs 1/4 Screws)

Nauticam Easitray II with Left Handle (with 2pcs 1/4 Screws)

SKU # 71206


The Nauticam Easytray II is a versatile tray and handle for smaller housings. The Easitray II is very similar to the Nauticam Flexitray II; however the Easitray II left handle is not adjustable.

The Easitray II is supplied with 1/4 – 20 thumbscrews which fit most tripod mount threads. Thumbscrews in thread #12-24 (for Ikelite Housings) and 6mm thumbscrews are available.

The top of the handle accepts Nauticam 1″ balls or T-plate adapters. An adjustable right side handle is available that quickly mounts to this tray.

A rubber insert in the base of the tray can reduce scratching of your housing and provides friction to improve camera stability.

The Easitray II fits a wide variety of cameras and camera housings.

Available accessories:

71208 Adjustable right handle II (for Easitray II & Flexitray II)
71311 Strobe mounting ball for Easitray II & Flexitray II
71312 T-plate mount for Easitray II & Flexitray II
71321 20mm tray extension
71322 30mm tray extension
71511 Camera mounting screw 1/4”
71512 Camera mounting screw Ikelite standard
71513 Camera mounting screw M6