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DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max



*WE INCLUDE ADAPTER PLATES FOR iPhone 14/14 PRO/14 PLUS/14 PRO MAX, and iPhone 12/ 12 Pro/ 13/13 pro/12 pro max/13 pro max. If you have another type of phone please contact us. We can make the required adapter plate for you. This housing will work with almost any phone, including Android phones too. You just need the correct adapter plate for your phone.

SeaTouch 4 Max underwater touchscreen housing is a revolutionary design for smartphone to use underwater up to a depth of 60 meters. For its limitless operation to the touchscreen of the smartphone, you can simply use all the function and Apps of your smartphone. it is World’s 1st  underwater full touch screen diving housing for smartphone.

It is the future of underwater image, communication and entertainment.

  • World’s 1st All-in-One Diving Assistant. Patented Underwater TouchScreen as on land for underwater iPhone diving case.This iPhone diving housing is used for protecting your iPhone and taking great videos, pictures when surfing, diving, snorkeling, skiing, or other activities. You can use the Compass, iPhone Built-in compass is easy to access and work well underwater. Moreover,you can Instant Upload & Share in any time
  • Compatible All APP. No more limit accessing to any App for iPhone housing.No button limit to your creativity.Enjoy more fun.Record your best moment.With interesting photos,video and even music
  • Extremely Safe for iPhone underwater housing .Without taking out phone to avoid bring in moisture. Instant upload and share.
  • This case is used for protecting your iphone and taking great pictures when surfing, diving, snorkeling, skiing, kayaking or other outdoor activities. You can use back and front camera, taking pictures or videos.
  • Remind: remove the screen protector. if not remove,maybe difficult to put the phone into the housing, and take off it, moreover, touchscreen maybe out of order underwater.