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Inon UCL-330 Close-up Lens

Inon UCL-330 Close-up Lens

SKU # ino.456212143156


The UCL-330 close-up lens has a 330mm focal length and makes high magnification close-up photography possible by shortening the close focus distance, allowing the photographer to get closer to the subject.   Also, the lens is designed to work effectively both above and below water, allowing the photographer to capture macro subjects above water, and in wet or splash type environments.

Attach the lens to housings having a 67mm threaded port ring or Inon M67 Mount Base?.

The lens is constructed of two plano-convex high quality optical glass elements in two groups. Compared to lenses using just one double-convex element, the UCL-330 design and construction minimizes optical aberrations.   Both elements are anti-reflection coated on the inside surfaces.

The UCL-330 is +3 diopter.

It is possible to stack multiple UCL-330 lenses to allow for even higher magnification macro imaging, as each lens body has a 67mm threaded mount on the outer rim.

Wet mountable for detaching or installing underwater according to imaging needs.


    The lens is compatible with the following housings.
  • Mount directly to housings with 67mm threaded port ring.
    • Olympus
    • PT-005
    • PT-007
    • PT-010
    • PT-015
    • PT-018
    • PT-020
    • PT-022
  • Mount to Inon M67 Mount Base
    • Olympus
    • PT-012 with M67 Mount Base PT-012
    • PT-014 with M67 Mount Base PT-014
    • Canon
    • WP-DC100, DC500 with M67 Mount Base DC100/500
    • WP-DC200, DC200s with M67 Mount Base DC200/200s
    • WP-DC300 with M67 Mount Base DC300
    • WP-DC20 with M67 Mount Base DC20

* UCL-330 Close-up Lens also supported by third party housing manufactures not listed above.