Ikelite Straight Enhanced Magnifying Viewfinder for DSLR and Mirrorless Housings

SKU # ike.6890.2


The straight viewfinder has been re-designed for even better performance with full-frame DSLR and mirrorless cameras. 

A high-performance large prism and optimized glass material make it possible to see the corners of the image more clearly and brightly. It makes finding focus easier and more comfortable, especially on night dives.

The viewfinder is designed to work equally well with both standard optical viewfinders and electronic viewfinders (EVF) with reduced vignetting and less blur in the corners of the image. Magnification is the same as the camera's viewfinder. 

The viewfinder rotates for more ergonomic positioning when shooting portrait or landscape images. Some housing models may have controls that interfere with the rotation of the viewfinder. Refer to the Viewfinder Compatibility Chart for details.

Removal of the housing's standard viewfinder and installation of the enhanced magnifying viewfinder is quick and easy using the included tool. 



Corrosion-resistant aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastic body; Optical glass interior

Mount is compatible with most Ikelite DSLR and full-frame mirrorless systems

200 ft (60m) depth rating

Made in Japan



Instruction Manual

Viewfinder Compatibility Chart