3 Legged Thing Clawz Feet for Tripod

SKU # 3lt.eqclawz


3 Legged Thing Clawz Feet for Tripod

Getting a grip on rocky and icy surfaces can be a real challenge. Clawz make light work of these tricky conditions, and also spread the load over a wider area, making them ideal for use on maliable terrain, such as snow and sand. Our dual threaded Clawz will give your tripod greater stability, and firmer grip, in the most demanding circumstances.


Each pack comes with 3 Clawz, with a 1/4”-20 thread and 3/8” stainless steel threaded sleeve.  Clawz are universally compatible with any 3LT Tripod (2014 onwards) that has either of these standard fittings.