Subal SBMPC Underwater

for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

SKU # sub.sbmpc


Subal SBMPC Underwater Housing for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

Port not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

All Type 3 SUBAL ports may be used.

Max. Depth rating: 80 m  or  TEC version 120 meter on request 

Weight: approx. 1,9 kg with handles (w/o port and accessories)

Buoyancy:  All but neutral (depended on used port and accessories)

H x L x W: approx. 143 x 210 108mm (w/o port and handles)

The housing offers the opportunity to place a powerful 12 V Lithium battery inside the housing to provide up to 3 hours  operating time!

Optional back plate with a prism-viewfinder incorporated, allows the viewfinder image to be viewed full sized at an angle of 40°.

Optional: Bulkhead for Video-Out or Remote -Control

2x T-Plates 25 mm, TLC- or Ultralight base optional

This housing is also available rated to 120m /  393 foot.  Please inquire.