Ikelite SLR-DC

for Canon 70D

SKU # ike.6870.70


Camera not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

Unleash your creativity with options for macro, zoom and wide angle lenses.

An over-sized knob smoothly engages our unique system of universal zoom gears. We provide two zoom sets with each housing, one for use with most popular larger diameter zoom lenses and a second designed for use with smaller diameter zoom lenses. Both sets are lightweight and easy to install with no modification to the lens required. A variety of dome and flat ports attach with four locking latches for maximum security and quick changes between dives.

NOTE: A lens port is required for waterproof operation.

All important camera functions. Controls are not provided for Dioptric Adjustment Knob, Flash "Pop Up" Button, Multi-Function Lock Switch, Depth-of-Field Preview Button.

Width 10 in (254 mm) including controls

Height 6.9 in (175 mm) including controls

Depth 6.5 in (165 mm) including controls


Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water, depending on lens port and lens


Depth Rating  200 ft (60 m)

Weight  5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

Use Built-in Flash  No

Strobe Connection Ikelite Digital TTL ICS-5 5-pin Electrical Bulkhead

Tray Mounting 12-24 thread with 3 in spacing (76 mm)

Main O-Ring  0132.61

Port O-Ring   0105


Ikelite Housing
Tray with Dual Release Handles
Port Hole Cap
Waterproof Bulkhead Cap
(2) Universal Zoom Sets
Lens Cloth
Silicone Lubricant

Spare Parts

0184.2 Silicone Lubricant 2cc Re-closable Tube
9104.5 Waterproof Bulkhead Cap
9523.10 Mounting hardware 12-24 x 1/2 in