StiX Adjustable Buoyancy Float Belt (12 Segments)

StiX Adjustable Buoyancy Float Belt (12 Segments)

SKU # sx.fb12


The StiX float belt provides an adjustable buoyancy system to help balance your underwater housing by attaching to the macro port.

The float belt has a strap for mounting around your macro port. This helps offset the "nose heavy" feeling some of the macro lens systems have, especially when using a macro wet lens on the front of the port. The float belt has 12 individual segments that can removed or added to adjust the buoyancy to your exact liking, up to 38 ounces of flotation. Each segment provides 3.15 ounces of lift. 


  • 12 Segment Circular Belt with Velcro Closure

Travel weight: 6.8 ounces