Hands on with Reef: Nauticam Alexa 35 Installation Guide

Building upon the already impressive range of cinema cameras offer by ARRI, the ALEXA 35 fits perfectly into underwater production by giving shooters a compact and feature filled compliment to their ARRI camera lineup. It has a rugged compact form factor similar to the ALEXA Mini, but it adds higher end features more similar to the larger ALEXA camera.  The ALEXA 35 is capable of recording both ARRIRAW and Apple ProRES to 2TB Codex drives with resolution up to 4.6K and frame rates up to 120p.

In order to take full advantage of the brand new sensor, ARRI also developed the brand new REVEAL Color Science.  Designed with the feedback of both colorists and cinematographers, the REVEAL Color Science creates improved color, contrast, sensitivity and dynamic range.  

In addition to ARRI's newer LPL (LBUS) mount, which is designed to cover ARRI's entire sensor size range with optimized full sensor coverage, the ALEXA 35 also accommodates the PL to LPL adapter, the EF Mount and PL Mount.  

The Nauticam Housing is designed with both owner/operator and rental markets in mind, the Nauticam system is very easy to set up. Armed with only a coin and an allen wrench, the entire support and lens control system is constructed on the camera base plate outside of the housing. This means the rig can be built on a table, in good light, with plenty of working space. Once the camera is assembled on its tray, the entire system slides into the housing, and locks securely in place.

This comprehensive installation guide will walk you through the installation procedure for the camera, housing, lenses, and ports so you’re good to go for your next underwater production.

Very special thanks to our friends over at AE Productions in Miami for help with this video: