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UW Technics NN-2/IS:
Automatic Flash Control—At last, fiber optic TTL for Nikon!

With the new UW Technics NN-2/IS TTL Converter for Nikon in Nauticam housing, we finally have the most trouble free lighting solution ever devised for Inon and Sea & Sea strobes. A photographer can easily experience effortless, accurate and rapid automatic exposures with his or her Nikon camera at all times. With a flick of a strobe knob, you can just as easily take creative control of one or both strobes in Manual mode. Imagine a single strobe shooting TTL for perfect exposure and a second strobe on manual low to balance shadows and create shadows. All while firing as fast as your subject requires. The possibilities are unlimited – and it is just as easy as using your pop-up flash – only better!

All the photos in this gallery were shot using the NN-2/IS in a Nauticam NA-D810 firing Inon Z-240 strobes fiber optically.

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