Nauticam's Wet Wide Lens (WWL-1)

Bringing you 130˚ of Beautiful

The WWL-1 opens up a great, wide world
of underwater imaging possibilities...
...compatible with an array of lenses,
you'll be able to cover everything from fish portraits
to expansive reef scenes without compromising
optical quality, all in one dive.

WWL-1 is the highest quality wet changeable underwater wide angle conversion ever made, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. The design is truly full zoom-through, allowing zoom to be used as a tool for framing, and removable in water for close-up and macro shots.

Breakthrough Lens Design

Every Nauticam lens is a “clean slate” design. These optical systems are engineered entirely as underwater corrective and conversion optics, and not adaptations of in-air designs. The process isn’t an easy one, but the images captured by WWL-1 and previous Nauticam optical designs prove the effort is well spent.

Uncompromised Optical Quality

WWL-1 is constructed of 6 precisely ground elements of highly refractive optical glass. All internal elements are coated with a broadband anti-reflective coating to keep flare and internal reflections to an absolute minimum.
Zoom to Frame

WWL-1 is a full zoom-through lens, performing well through the entire zoom range of popular compacts and Micro Four Thirds systems with power zoom lenses. This feature distinguishes this lens from all others on the market, which are designed to be used at a single focal length. The ability to be used with zoom makes WWL-1 extremely versatile! A touch of zoom can be used to crop a subject in camera, or for close-up shots without removing the lens.

Stunning Field of View

130 degrees of glorious wide-angle coverage,and even a bit wider if your camera system allows it! This is a field of view that sits between the popular full-frame fisheye lenses (180 degrees diagonal) and ultra wide rectilinear zooms (approximately 110 degrees). This coverage angle was targeted from the very beginning as an ideal coverage angle for a wide variety of underwater imaging scenarios. Big animals, close-focus wide angle shots of reef dwelling creatures, and even mid-range fish portraits are all within the range of WWL-1.


Wet lenses have traditionally been an accessory geared toward compact cameras, but Nauticam set out from the very beginning to support a wider range of systems, with larger sensor sizes.

Most impressive is the outstanding performance available with the full frame Sony A7 series cameras using the Sony 28mm F/2 Prime lens. In our tests, this combo out-performed all of the Sony wide angle lenses behind dome ports, and is especially well-matched to the demanding 42 megapixel
sensor in Sony A7R II.

Micro Four Thirds systems used with power zoom lenses are another compelling combination. 130 degrees on the wide end, with a 3x zoom range, and close-focus on the front of the dome. This combination is wider, sharper, and has less distortion than the Panasonic 7-14mm F/4 and Olympus 7-14mm F/2.8 lenses behind a dome port. Twist off the lens, and snap on a CMC for high powered macro photography, capturing an image area 22mm (just under 1") wide!

Easy Bayonet Mounting

A new bayonet mounting system has been designed to accompany the WWL-1 release, and maximize ease of use. Lenses snap into place, and are securely locked. A red locking tab releases the lens for removal, and lens holders provide storage for lenses on a strobe arm when not in use.

The bayonet mount system has been designed to incorporate vents that quickly flood the space between lens and camera, washing away air bubbles.

Both 67mm and bayonet mounting rings are included with the lens as standard equipment, and Bayonet Mount Converters are available separately (providing the attachment point on a housing or port).

Accessory Parts

Included with WWL-1 Part Number
Neoprene Cover
Rear Lens Cap for WWL-1
M67 Mounting Ring
Bayonet Mounting Ring
Carrying Case
Cleaning Cloth
Optional Accessories Part Number
M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter
Bayonet Mount Adaptor Ring for SMC / CMC
M77 to Bayonet Mount Converter
Bayonet Mount Lens Holder for Arms
Bayonet Mount Double Lens Holder for Arms
Mounting Adaptor to use 83222 Bayonet Mount Lens Holder on Multi-Purpose Clamp


Model Number
WWL-1 "Wide Wet Lens"
130mm Outer Diameter x 97mm
Weight (air/underwater)
1.24 kg / .62 kg
Body Construction
Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Lens Construction
6 Elements in 5 Groups
Lens Coating
Anti-Reflective Coating
Minimum Object Distance
Front Lens Element to Infinity
Field of View (diagonal)
130˚ (with 28mm Primary Lens)
Mount System
M67 Thread or NA Bayonet
Depth Rating

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