How much magnification will the INON UCL-165 lens yield?

The INON UCL-165 series of underwater close-up lenses are the most popular and trusted wet mount close-up lenses in the history of underwater photography.  In 2011, INON expanded the family with the UCL-165LD lens for the new LD series of mount bases (initially for the Canon WP-DC38 housing for the Canon S95 camera and the Panasonic DMW-MCFT3 housing for the LUMIX DMC-FT3 camera.)

That lens, the INON UCL-165AD and their elder sibling, the INON UCL-165 M67, are each an excellent option for extreme macro photography using compact digital cameras. They also work very well with long focal length macro lenses on SLR cameras (Canon 100mm or Nikon 105mm) with the requisite threaded port or port adapter, allowing greater than 1:1 reproduction.

Each has a 165mm focal length and makes high magnification close-up photography possible by shortening the close focus distance of the camera/lens, allowing the photographer to get closer to the subject.

Also, these lenses are designed to work effectively both above and below water, allowing the photographer to capture macro subjects above water, and in wet or splash type environments.

For even more magnification, multiple UCL-165 lenses can be 'stacked' using the female mount machined into the face of the lens barrel: for the 'LD' and 'M67' versions, female 67mm threads or for the 'AD' version, female AD mount.

Photographer J.D. Suss provided us with these examples shot using multiple UCL-165 M67 lenses.

First, a blenny shot without an add-on lens. ©2007 J.D. Suss Same blenny shot using a single INON UCL-165 lens. ©2007 J.D. Suss And the same Blenny shot with two 'stacked' INON UCL-165 lenses. ©2007 J.D. Suss

If using the UCL-165AD lens with a “28AD Mount Base DC40” for Canon WP-DC40 housing, or a "28AD Port PT-027/020" for Olympus PT-027 & PT-020 housings, a UCL-165AD 28AD Mount Converter part is necessary. This mount converter part fits between the 28AD base/port and UCL-165AD close-up lens, enabling attachment.

Thanks for the images Duncan!

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