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Enhanced Viewfinders for Nauticam Mirrorless Housings

Using the electronic viewfinder on a Mirrorless camera has many advantages, and a magnifying viewfinder makes underwater imaging more enjoyable than ever!

  • Electronic Viewfinders, known as 'EVF,' use distance vision while LCD panels rely upon closeup vision.  This means users that struggle seeing up close will more clearly be able to compose and judge critical focus with an electronic viewfinder.
  • Many modern electronic viewfinders offer higher resolution than rear LCD screens, allowing easier confirmation of critical focus.
  • The EVF draws less power than the rear LCD screen, yielding improved battery life.
  • Sunlight can easily 'wash-out' the camera's LCD panel when diving shallow.  The Nauticam enhanced viewfinders will block most ambient light from reaching the the EVF allowing much improved view-ability for snorkeling, shallow dives, or any high ambient light situation. 
Nauticam #32205 45 Degree Viewfinder for MIL Housings Nauticam #32204 180 Degree Viewfinder for MIL Housings

These viewfinders install directly into Nauticam housings for mirrorless cameras that feature the new titanium mounting ring, eliminating the need to purchase a separate viewfinder window, and allowing for quick tool-free viewfinder changes.  (This includes the NA-EM5II and all Nauticam mirrorless housings introduced after spring 2015.)

Note: These viewfinders are not for older Nauticam housings for mirrorless cameras.  Please contact us before ordering if you are not sure.

Titanium Viewfinder Mounting Ring

The NA-EM5II housing ships with a new titanium VF ring (and standard viewfinder) made to accommodate these viewfinders.  This mounting ring will be integrated in future mirrorless models, and other current housings will be updated with this as a rolling change.  You'll find a rendering of this new part in orange below, and can see it in person on the Nauticam NA-EM5II.

The bottom line is, the better you can see your subject, the better the final image is likely to be. Whether from a composition standpoint or determining critical focus, you should give yourself every possible advantage. No matter if you prefer the 180 degree (straight line of sight) or the 45 degree (angled) version, a Nauticam enhanced viewfinder is the perfect advantage to take your imaging to the next level.

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