Does a Reef Photo & Video Workshop Make Sense for You?

Does a Reef Photo & Video Workshop Make Sense for You?

Every underwater imaging enthusiast is unique and we all have a different picture of a “dream trip” or what an ideal learning situation is. That is why we try to offer a variety of options for different kinds of individuals. We keep things organized, make it easy and always focus on supporting your goals while having a good time. We love seeing our customers progress as much as you do!

Let’s start with the obvious stuff first:

Have you recently purchased a bunch of new gear and it is just a little, well – overwhelming?

Are you starting from scratch as a first time underwater photographer? Maybe you have experience, but you switched camera brands? Went from DSLR to mirrorless camera or vice versa? Every change that involves new menus or shooting style can be a little intimidating, but there are lots of shortcuts to help out and we can shorten your learning curve.

I used to take really nice photos and now they just don’t look as good – Why?

Sometimes we hear this after long awaited gear upgrade. This can be selective nostalgia, but often times new technology and improved resolution means you can “see” more imperfections in your shooting, but with a little tweaking, your photography can look better than ever.

A Different Twist: My photos are pretty good – but they look about the same as five years ago.

Sometimes we hit a plateau – and don’t even notice. We just aren’t improving any more. Sometimes it might require just “seeing with new eyes” shooting from a different perspective and getting into experimentation again. When you do a group workshop, not only do you get to experience what instructors have to offer, but you get to see how a lot of other people are shooting similar subjects. Composition, lighting technique, lens selection, super macro technique – count on getting a better understanding of all elements of photography and videography. And most importantly: how they apply to what YOU want to be able to do.

No matter how many years we have been shooting, we all get inspired by other people’s work when it comes out well – the trick is applying it!

I just want to dive in the most image productive places possible with likeminded people.

Great! You will have a blast. Our workshops are not a forced march and there will be no cracking of figurative whips. We are there to help out as much as you need and offer support. But if your goal is dive, dive, dive and just want someone to help if you get a camera issue, then you can do that as well. If your goals are modest, no one will push – this about you and what you want to accomplish.

Want to try out cool new gear before you buy it?

We always try to make available some of the latest gadgets and new equipment for people to try. Even if you want to rent a whole new camera system for the workshop, we can usually arrange it. Want to try out something specific? Let us know and we will do our best to arrange it. This is your chance to test drive what you have been thinking about!

Workshops do not have to be like going back to school – These events are actually fun!

Sure you will learn a lot, but no one is grading you (OK, you can have a critique if you want it), and everyone is there to do what they love and share the experience. And yes, you will likely meet some new faces and perhaps run into some old friends as well. We have had attendees from the age of 12 all the way up to near 80. Everyone progresses at their own pace and the most important part is getting under the water to practice and try things out.

High ratio of guides!

Have you ever been on a dive trip and you ended up dragging behind a line of 12 people with a guide up front? Not with our workshops – we know how we like to be treated on a dive trip and think you deserve the same. You can count on a guide for every 3-5 people in the water as a minimum – someone is always looking for critters for you!

I am going on my trip of a lifetime and I don’t want to spend the first week getting myself in in the underwater photography mindset and working out the kinks in my system.

Consider jumping into one of our three and a half day Blue Heron Bridge Workshops. This is a highly focused workshop to ramp up your underwater photography skillset while diving the best critter location in South Florida.

If you have more questions about any of our events – please get in touch. We are happy to answer questions!

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