The INON S-220 compact strobe first impressions.

The INON S-220 is the newest strobe from INON, and we are rather excited to get our hands on it. Although we are still waiting to see what will come out in terms of replacing the Z-330, we think this will hold us over in the meantime.

The first impressions of this strobe remind us fondly of the INON S-2000, as it is certainly of a similar size and shape. One significant improvement you'll notice is in terms of usability. The control dials are much more accessible than they were on the INON S-2000, making this much more user-friendly.


Side by Side comparison of S-2000 and S-220

The INON S-220 flash delivers an impressive guide number output of 22. (S-2000 GN20 D-200 Type 2 GN 20) Equipped with a fly-eye dome lens, this flash offers an exceptionally wide underwater beam angle, spanning horizontally at 140° and vertically at 100°. The bayonet style mount also allows for the addition of various diffusers. The S-220  features both the reliable "S-TTL Auto" mode and a versatile 12-step "Manual Flash" mode, ensuring optimal lighting in various conditions. Its large wheel dial enhances operability, and a phosphorescent panel enhances readability in low-light situations. With the added security of double O-rings, the risk of flooding is significantly reduced. The front-positioned base provides more flexible lighting positions, allowing for creative control. Powered by four AA batteries like its predecessors, this strobe is both convenient and cost-effective. We had the chance to take this strobe into the field and put them to use. Having been used to the  weight and size of Ikelite DS-160s I immediately noticed the weight difference while transporting my gear topside. It seems finding the balance between gear weight and usability is a never ending balance. 

The two questions I had going into using this strobe was how much area will these be able to cover for wide angle and how will they perform with high aperture macro shooting. 

Let's start with wide-angle

I found myself adjusting the strobe to just above half power and was able to throw enough light onto my scene without any issues. I was shooting at a relatively low shutter speed made working with these strobes a non-issue
When it comes to macro I had to crank up the power to 75% or two stops before full dump. This Shrimp hiding within a bottle I thought may be a challenge but the S-220’s exceeded my expectations lighting through the bottle with no issues. Shooting at 1/200 F/22 ISO 100 with a SMC-1

This Seahorse was shot at the INON S-220s absolute lowest power setting. 1/200 F/5.6 ISO 100

Overall we believe the INON S-220s are a well rounded strobe that will do just about everything you need to. These would be Ideal for anyone who has been shooting with the S-2000s or D-200s and looking for a bit more light in a small package.