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Keldan Video Lights Overview

Keldan offers a wide selection of video light solutions.  By understanding your needs, your choice becomes easier.

Model Max Output Format Use
Video 4X 10K lumen Fixed For enthusiast to professional video shooter. 10000 lumens in a compact form factor, CRI of 85, and a super wide beam angle of 110 degrees
Video 8X 15K lumen CRI 95 or 18K lumen CRI 85 Fixed For enthusiast to professional video shooter after more power with a slightly larger form factor. An amazing 15,000 - 18,000 lumens with a super wide 110 degree beam angle.
Video 8XR 20K lumen CRI 86 Fixed For enthusiast to professional video shooter who requires the option to remotely control their lights up to 50m away.  
Video 8M 11K lumen (FLUX)
8K lumen (CRI)
Modular Most versatile video light, ideal for video shooters wanting flexibility.  Six different light module types available, and two different reflectors. Standard dome reflector with diffuser provides the absolute widest, and smoothest, beam pattern possible.
Video 18XR and 24XR

35K lumen (18XR)

45K lumen (24XR)

Fixed For professional video shooter who demands the absolute most power output and the ability to remotely control their lights up to 50m away.  

Video 4X & 8X Reflectors

To the keen eye of the underwater videographer, the shape and quality of the beam is paramount.  The dome of the Video 4X/8X allows for a 110º usable beam angle with gradual falloff.  There are no hard edges to contend with even with ultra wide lenses.  The beam angle in water of the standard dome reflector when measured using the FWHM standard of 50% intensity is 90 degrees, but that doesn't accurately represent the beam pattern of this light.  The usable beam angle is much wider thanks to a very even and gradual edge falloff.  Simply put, no competing light with an LED behind a flat window can match the width and even pattern of the Keldan domed reflectors.  No magic, just physics.

Keldan Spectrum and Ambient Light Filters for Video 4X & 8X


Keldan Spectrum Filters are scientifically engineered red filters based on spectral measurements of the lighting conditions underwater. KELDAN Spectrum Filters convert the ambient light into a daylight spectrum in order to restore correct colors and to optimize white balancing.  They're available in a variety of thread sizes and in gels with 2 stop loss filters designed for any water color and 4 stop loss filters designed for blue and green water color.

 The Keldan Ambient Light Filter converts the light into the same spectrum as the ambient light under water.  This is the perfect solution to avoid mixed light condition when you white balance the camera to ambient light.

Keldan Ambient Light Filters are available for the Video 4X and Video 8X series lights in blue, blue/green, and green water color variants with 2 available depth ratings either at 6 meters or 12 meters.

LED Modules for Video 8M - Overview:

While there are 6 modules available for the Video 8M (see the text below for details), it is usually quite a bit simpler for a given sale.  CRI or FLUX comes with the light, so thats one module that they will already have decided on. From there, the main other module to consider is the Cyan.

  • CRI: Use CRI for the shooter that wants broadest color spectrum and most even color
  • FLUX: Use FLUX for the image maker who wants the most power, and the ability to pull detail from shadow in bright sunlight.
  • Cyan: Use Cyan for the shooter who wants the natural look of ambient, but wants light to reveal detail. See the video below about shooting with Cyan.

LED Modules for Video 8M - Details

In addition to the basic FLUX and CRI LED Modules, KELDAN also offers Cyan (High Color Temperature), Ultraviolet (UV), Deep Red, and Blue modules as add ons.

The 6 Available LED Modules for the Video 8M

LED Module Details:

Module Output Temp/λ Usage Spectrum
FLUX 11000 lumen 5000K Highest Output. The FLUX module provides very good color rendition with a CRI of 82, and 11,000 generated lumens. This is the light that can bring back shadow detail in the brightest daylight. 
CRI 8000 lumen 5600K Best color. The CRI module produces excellent color, with a CRI of 96. Choose the Video CRI light to get the most accurate color possible. 
Cyan 5000 lumen 30000K The Cyan module reproduces the ambient light for typical blue water. This is useful for ambient light custom white balance, and can be used with filters to achieve very natural looking footage.  
UV 5 watts UV 400nm Fluorescence. The bulk of the output from this module is invisible to the human eye, and so can be used for fluorescence imaging, with no barrier filter needed. 
Blue 28 watts 450nm Yellow filter fluorescence. This light produces a very bright beam at around 450nm (blue), which is used for fluorescence imaging in conjunction with a yellow barrier filter. Most marine life that fluoresces does so more intensely with blue than with UV.  
Deep Red 25 watts 655nm This deep red light source can be used as infrared light for observing fish at night. In general, fish do not see light at wavelengths above 570nm. This module is emitting light in the non-visible range for the fish but still visible for human and for the camera sensor.

Video 8M Modular Reflectors

For leading professionals the ability to tailor the light beam angle to their specific imaging application is a key Keldan advantage.  The 90 degree dome, with its integrated diffuser film, provides the widest, softest, highest quality light possible.  This can be exchanged for a 50 deg flat lens reflector, ideally suited for macro or more distant subjects, with significantly more punch through the water.

For a higher exposure value in a smaller area, the optional 50º packs the same amount of power into a smaller area.  This is useful for illuminating subjects while keeping the background dark, and also can be used for macro shooting to allow higher aperture shooting. 


Battery packs can be easily changed in the field, supporting long shooting days, and an LED charge indicator provides battery info at a glance.

Run time depends on the LED Module used and the power setting, but ranges from 35 minutes to over 2 hours. 

Keldan Battery Packs

On the left is the smaller battery pack for the Video 4X, and on the right is the full sized pack for the Video 8X and Video 8M.  The full sized battery is rated at 99 W/h, providing plentiful power but coming in under the United States FAA and international regulations that limit the allowable number in carry on bags.

Video Examples

Here you can see some real world footage examples of these lights and filters in use.  The video here was shot with a pair of Keldan 8X video lights exclusively for macro:

The second video here is an excellent example of the Keldan Spectrum and Ambient filters in use with a pair of Keldan 8X lights. Pay particular attention to the more "natural" color and lighting found on the reef scenes, schooling barracudas, and sea turtles: