Installing the Fiber Optic Mounting Kit

The Fiber Optic Mounting Block, or Fiber Optic Mounting Assembly is used when:

  • No Inon AD Mount Base is available for your housing, or
  • You elected not to purchase the Inon AD Mount for your housing

The mounting system includes:

  • Fiber Optic Mounting Block (black) with one or two holes (varies with which kit you ordered)
  • Two 3M Dual Lock tabs with one or two holes each (varies with which kit you ordered)

Some housings may require removal of the flash diffuser plate from the housing. This is generally accomplished by removing four (or less) screws from the diffuser. In this example, we are installing the kit on a Canon WP-DC48 housing.  As you can see, there is no flash diffuser on this housing.   If your housing came with a flash block (opaque plastic which blocks light from the flash), you should install it if possible.  Many Ikelite compact camera housings include a flash diffuser and a flash block.  The flash diffuser is somewhat transparent, the flash block is opaque.   When installed, the flash block must not block light from the flash reaching the fiber optic cable.

In this example, the camera flash will be located behind the flat area just above the lens port.

The 3-M Dual Lock kit will be installed directly in front of the camera flash, so make sure this area is clean and free from oils or other contaminants which might affect the adhesives of the Dual Lock tabs.

Step 1: Remove the protective film from the back of the tab and press into place on your housing, directly in front of the camera flash:

Step 2: Locate the mounting block.  Set it on a flat surface.  The smoother side of the mounting block should be up.

Step 3: Press the 3-M Dual Lock tab onto the smoother side of the Fiber Optic Mounting Block.

Step 4: Press the mounting block onto the 3M Dual-Lock in front of the camera flash.

Step 5: Press the end of the fiber optic cable into a hole in the mounting block.
If you are using two strobes, insert the other fiber optic cable into the other hole.

To summarize, if you followed the above steps correctly, you should have created a 'Dagwood sandwich' consisting of:

  • Housing
  • Dual Lock tab with a hole (adhered to the housing)
  • Another Dual Lock tab with hole (installed on the mounting block)
  • Fiber Optic Mounting block
  • Fiber Optic Cable

Now the fiber optic cable, or the mounting block, can be removed from the housing and re-attached as needed and will offer years of trouble free service.

Step 6: Mount your strobe to the housing and attach the free end of the fiber optic cable to the strobe. For Inon strobes, you will have a threaded cap. For Sea & Sea strobes you will have a press-in fitting.

Congratulations! You are done and ready to go shoot!