Joanna Smart's August Photo Journal: An Our World Underwater Rolex Scholar Journey

This month marked the start of my adventures further afield where I headed to Oban, Scotland to Join Tritonia Scientific for three weeks of diving and marine research. This experience has been a fantastic learning opportunity and as well as exploring the incredible scenery of the Scottish Highlands, I have been able to utilize my camera set-up from Reef Photo and Video in a variety of different ways.


Whilst in Scotland, the team at Tritonia taught me the basics of underwater 3-D photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is a powerful tool that allows us to map structures underwater such as reefs and wrecks. The subsequent models can then be analyzed for additional data or used to preserve cultural heritage. I was able to use my Panasonic GX9 to map a variety of objects including anchors, world war two relics and shipwrecks. I also mapped reef structures and geological features.


I then used my camera equipment in a variety of ecological surveys for recording habitats and endangered species. I enjoyed surveying the kelp forests of Scotland, which are incredibly biologically diverse and different from anything I had seen elsewhere.




My experiences in Scotland have opened my eyes to different applications of underwater photography and I look forward to taking these skills with me for the rest of my scholarship year.