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Does anybody make a housing for my _ _ _ _ _ _ camera?

While manufacturers offer housing for many popular cameras, it is impossible and economically impractical to make a housing for every camera on the market.  Each new housing requires a considerable investment in engineering, prototyping and testing before the housing can ever move into production.

The advent of modern digital cameras has only aggravated the problem.  There are hundreds and hundreds of cameras on the market at any given time, and most have a market life of only about a year (or less).

Quite often, a camera is very near the end of its 'market life' before a housing becomes available for it. Once a newer camera becomes popular, it is not feasible for the housing manufacturers to continue manufacturing or stocking a product for a discontinued camera.

If a housing is available for your camera, we can probably get it for you.  If a housing to fit your camera is no longer available, you might find a previously owned one in our 'Pre-Owned Gear' listings.  Please Contact Us for more details.

Considering the continued downward price spiral of modern digital cameras and the rapid pace of camera innovation, it is often more prudent to buy a new camera (for which a housing is readily available), than to chase a housing for a camera that you already own.