Zen Underwater PA-EP08-EP Port Adaptor for Pen Domes

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Zen Underwater PA-EP08-EP Port Adaptor for Pen Domes

When Olympus introduced the PT-EP08 housing for the wonderful OM-D E-M5 camera, they introduced a new port mounting system and size.

Zen Underwater designed and tested this adaptor which permits use of existing Zen ports for Olympus micro-four thirds housings.  Following are three examples:

Unfortunately, this adaptor is not compatible with Zen DP-100-EP port. To use the Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens with this housing, you will need the Zen Underwater DP-100-EP08 optical glass dome.

The PA-EP08-EP Adapter Uses Two Locking Screws.

Remove one of the locking screws, install the adapter onto your port, then replace the locking screw.  This will ensure that your port can be locked in to the housing.


Use a 2mm Hex to Remove
One of the Locking Screws
Insert the Port Fully Into the Adapter


After the port is fully inserted into the adaptor, rotate the port until it touches the remaining locking screw, so that the port can not be rotated any further.  If the port is not fully inserted into the adapter, it will not be possible to rotate it.

Replace the Locking Screw.
Port is Now Locked to Adaptor

 You may now insert the port with the adaptor into the Olympus housing, then secure the assembly as you would with any Olympus port.