Used FIX NEO Premium 1500 DX SWR II Video Light (SPOT/WIDE/RED)

SKU # cp.3949



Includes the charger and battery,plus spare o-rings and misc accessories.


Maximum light intensity 1500 lumens & high color rendering Ra 90 premium wide light, 500 lumen spot light, and red light that is effective for observation and shooting of light sensitive creatures. Multi-function light with three types of light sources on one body has been upgraded.
Wide: Angle of irradiation approx. 100 degrees (upper left)
Spot: Angle of irradiation approx. 30 degrees (upper right)
Red: Angle of irradiation approx. 100 degrees (middle)


Adopting single surface emitting type LED with wide light distribution to peripheral part for wide light. With high color rendering * of Ra 90 and color temperature of 5000 K, colorful underwater scenes are reproduced.
* Numerical value indicating natural color reproduction. The closer to 100 it is said better