ULCS BA-LMB Ball Mount for Light & Motion Quick Release Assembly

SKU # ulc.ba.lmb


ULCS BA-LMB Ball Mount for Light & Motion Quick Release Assembly

Includes the mounting ball with o-ring as shown above, plus the mounting screw.

The ULCS BA-LMB replaces a portion of the Light & Motion Quick Release Loc-Line Arm Base (order separately) to create a quick-release ball for Light & Motion Housings.  The assembly of these two parts replaces the original Light & Motion quick-release ball base.

The following photographs illustrate how to disassemble the Loc-Line Arm Base and replace two parts to convert into a Quick-Release Ball.

If, in the above steps, you disassembled the Loc-Line base more than necessary, here is a photograph showing the order and orientation of its parts.