Sea & Sea MDX-RX100III

for Sony RX100 M3, M4, M5

SKU # ss.06171


Sea & Sea MDX-RX100III Housing for Sony RX100 M3, M4, M5

Compatible with Sony RX100 M3, M4, M5

Camera not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

  • Port is standard M67 thread for use with wide angle lenses or close-up lenses.
  • Two receptacles for fiber optic sync cables.
  • Two sacrificial zinc anodes are standard
  • Housing back is secured with rotary locking latch
  • Depth rating:  100 meter / 328 feet

The large dial on the housing front connects to the camera’s control ring and smoothly operates Manual Focus and other functions (depending on mode selected). The multipurpose control wheel on the camera’s rear is operated by the multi-point controller on the back of the housing. All controls can easily be reached and operated by your right hand.

SEA&SEA's MDX-RX100 III will be a unique addition to the underwater housing line-up, while maintaining SEA&SEA's signature advanced craftsmanship.  This compact black housing will be constructed from black galvanized corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, resulting in a sturdy protective structure.  To avoid electrolysis damage, the housing is equipped with two zinc cathodes attached to the front and rear case.  The MDX-RX100 III will conveniently allow the built-in flash to be activated from the housing, providing the photographer with a progressive photography session.  Two fiber-optic cable sockets are appropriately located directly in front of the camera's flash.  The generous housing rear window allows the camera's LCD to tilt 15° for improved viewing.  SEA&SEA's optional leak sensor can be installed into this housing providing an alert upon any water ingress.  Having a depth rating of 100m/330ft, the options are plentiful.


including port:  (W x H x D): 147 x 97 x 117mm/5.8 x 3.8 x 4.6 Inches

Weight Underwater (including camera):   Weight: Approx. 900g/31.7oz (housing only)