Inon Z-330 Strobe

SKU # inon.z330


Inon Z-330 Strobe

  • Guide Number 33
  • 110 Degrees of Coverage Underwater
  • Robust and Durable Construction
  • Includes a rotatable light shade to help prevent backscatter
  • 220 lumen focus light
  • Enhanced controls with large knobs


Strobe adaptors that work well with this excellent strobe include the Inon Z-Joint and the Ultralight Control Systems AD-IN or the Nauticam 1" Ball Strobe mount.

The Z-joint will mate with strobe arms like the 5" or 8" ULCS single ball arms.  The Inon AD-IN adapter and the Nauticam 1" Ball Strobe Mount mount with Ultralight Control Systems AC-CSF, the Nauticam Clamp, the Nauticam Multi-Purpose Clamp and other 1" ball clamps.


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