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Inon AD Mount Base CP1 for Nikon CP1

Inon AD Mount Base CP1 for Nikon CP1

SKU # no.456212143199


This INON mount base is designed for the Nikon CP1 housing, which accommodates the Nikon CP1 camera. 

The AD mount base is the attachment point for INON's UFL-165AD Fisheye, UWL-105AD Wide Angle and UCL-165AD Close-up lenses. 

The AD Mount Base is compatible with the Optical D Cable/Cap W12 set fiber optic cable for strobe use (INON D-2000, D-180, D-180S, Z-220 and Z-220S strobes.)  INON Grip Base (DII or DIII) or ULCS Digital Tray (tr-d) can also be attached to the bottom of the mount base if needed.