Ikelite Smart Charger for NiMH DS-125/DS-160/DS-200

Ikelite Smart Charger for NiMH DS-125/DS-160/DS-200

SKU # ike.4066.1


Ikelite SMART Charger for DS-125/DS-160/DS-200 NiMH Battery Packs

This charger will not operate with Ikelite Li-ion battery packs.  For Li-ion battery charger, use Ikelite #4067.1 Li-ion Battery Charger.

This new version of a proven charger still features the latest negative delta-v pulse charge technology to provide more complete charging while keeping the batteries cool for longer battery life. It also conditions the cells and usually provides more flashes per charge.

New to this version are four interchangable plugs for true international compatibility all in one package, as well as a smaller and lighter form factor.

Auto-ranging input allows it to operate anywhere with 100-240 volt supply making it ideal for the traveling diver, and this charger is less likely to fail when used with poorly regulated power sources.

The charger measures 2.7" x 4.1" x 1.5" and weighs only 12 ounces. LED indicators show continuity and state of charge.

The charger plugs directly into the DS-125, DS-160 and 200 NiMh battry packs. The DS-125 and DS-160 charges completely in 1.5 hours; the DS-200 in 2.5 hours.

With the optional #4063.51 Socket Adapter, the Smart Charger can be used with the following products.
SubStrobe 150 ...5 hr. recharge time
SubStrobe 225 ...5 hr. recharge time
SubStrobe 300 ...5 hr. recharge time
SubStrobe 400 ...5 hr. recharge time

Video-Lite 45 and Modular Super Lite ni-cad packs are now supplied with a second socket to accept the Smart Charger. Older packs can be returned to us for addition of this socket for $20.

The charger is configured to charge packs of SIX ni-cad or NiMh "C" or "D" cells only. It can be used on Ikelite Super C-Lite HRechargeable, and it can be used with the Sea & Sea 300 strobe.

It is not adaptable to four-cell packs, but can be used with the Ikelite rechargeable RCD Lite and the optional ni-cad packs for the Substrobe Ai and Substrobe 100a because of the special diode configuration in these packs.