Ikelite Release Handle Mount Kit for Ikelite Gamma Light

SKU # ike.1887.3


This mount kit is super lightweight, flexible, and includes everything you need to attach your Ikelite Gamma light to an Ikelite quick release handle for use as a focus assist or macro video light. Compatible Ikelite trays with release handle(s) are available to fit most Ikelite and non-Ikelite compact digital systems, sold separately. Gamma flashlight not included.

Kit includes:

  • 1870 Diffuser with lanyard
  • 1882 Flashlight mount for flex systems
  • 9572.44 4-piece 1/2 inch flex extension
  • 9573.31 Flex 1.1in diameter ball at release handle
  • 0184.1 Silicone lubricant