Ikelite DS-51 Strobe, Gray

SKU # ike.4044.1


Ikelite #4044.1 DS-51 Strobe

1in Mounting ball is now included with Ikelite DS-51 Strobe !

The Ikelite DS51 Substrobe replaces the DS50, which has been a favorite of underwater photographers the world over. In addition to incorporating all the same great features of the DS50, the DS51 provides a Manual Exposure Mode with six (6) manual power settings in one-half f-stop increments for precise illumination of subjects underwater.

The compact, lightweight and affordable Ikelite DS51 Substrobe is an excellent choice for many underwater photographers. Its digital electronics make it fully compatible with digital cameras as well as traditional film cameras such as the Nikonos. The strobe can easily switch between TTL/Auto and any of the six (6) manual power settings for complete control over lighting the subject. The DS51's intensity and angle of coverage make it equally suited for macro and general photography. The strobe's wide-angle diffuser increases the angle-of-coverage up to 80 degrees, softens the light and helps to reduce backscatter. The DS51 Substrobe's power rivals strobes twice its size, recycles in a quick 3.5 seconds, and provides 200+ flashes on a set of batteries. Much shorter recycle times and more flashes per set of batteries can be realized during TTL/Auto operation.

When connected with a sync cord to compatible Ikelite housings, or the Nikonos camera system, the DS51 Substrobe offers TTL/Auto and Manual Mode. When used with other manufacturers housings, the DS51 Substrobe can only be used in the Manual Mode utilizing the six (6) power settings.

The DS51 is compatible with the Ikelite DS Sensor and EV-Controller. When used with the EV-Controller, the DS51 Mode switch is set to the TTL/Auto setting and the EV-Controller then provides ten (10) power settings in half-stop increments.



Size 8cm x 12cm ~ 3.2in x 4.7in
Weight 0.6 kg ~ 1.3 pounds
Energy Rating 50 watt-seconds
Coverage Angle 70 degrees
Color Temp 5700 degrees Kelvin
Power Source 4 "AA" alkaline
Flashes 200 Full Power
Recycle Time 3.5 seconds

The strobe is packaged with an adapter for the standard Ikelite 2 piece arm set. An additional adapter is needed to use this strobe head with 1in ball arm systems.