Fix Neo MINI 1000 SW Focus Light (SPOT/WIDE)

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Fix Neo Mini 1000: Spot, Wide

  Fix Neo Mini 1000 Spot / Wide
Lumen 1,000 wide /  600 spot
Continuous Burn Time, approximate, at full output  90 minute wide / 100 minute spot
Beam Angle: Wide 95 degrees
Beam Angle: Spot 25 degrees
Power Adjustment 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Charge Time 4 hours maximum
Battery Type 18650 lithium ion or two CR123
Depth Rating 100m / 328 feet
Dimensions 38mm x 40mm x 144mm / 1.5  x 1.6  x 5.7 inch
Weight in air 160g
Mount YS Mount Included
Color Black / Frosted Silver

USB Charging with CR123 Back Up

What easier way to travel and charge your Neo Mini's 18650 Li-ion battery than with the world standard Micro-USB connectivity.  Charge the battery from your laptop, with a wall adapter, or any other standard USB connector.  That's one less specialized charger to pack and travel with.  And in the event you want more run time or need back up, the Mini's battery pack can be replaced with two common CR123 batteries.

Auto Shut-Off

That little round opening below the two red LEDs may seem innocuous but its full of magic!  The Auto Shut-Off (ASO) of the Neo Mini detects the flash from a strobes and automatically shuts off the Mini's light output.  This feature frees the photographer from the need to dim their focus light to avoid undesirable side effects in the photo.  Without dimming a traditional focus light, you can wind up with excess or conflicting shadows or an undesirable red cast in your photos.  With the ASO feature those concerns no longer exist.  After about 1 second from the ASO, the Neo Mini turns on again allowing you to capture the next series of shots.

To turn on the light and activate the Auto Shut-Off function, press the power/light output button for 2 seconds.  The indicator will flash green.

To turn on the light with the Auto Shut-Off deactivated, simply turn on the light by pressing the power/light output button briefly.

Two Beams - One Light

Switch between spot and wide beams with a push of a button.