cp.1227 Used Sea & Sea NX Fisheye Acrylic Dome Port

SKU # cp.1227


This item is in fair condition with obvious signs of cosmetic use. 


  • Dome Port
  • Sea & Sea Neoprene Dome Cover
  • Rear Port Cap.

This dome has visible scratches in the acrylic. These scratches will have minor effect under typical reef shot situations. However, these scratches would be very noticeable in over/under shots or shots with a bright light source in the image (such as a light in a cavern dive). Most are shallow and you might be able to polish them out with the Micro Mesh Acrylic Optical Restoration Kit.

Dimensions (DIAxD) 250x104mm/10.0x4.2inches
Weight Approx. 1,270g/44.5oz
Depth rating 80m/262ft
Construction Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (with anodization and anti-reflective coating)
-Dome: Acrylic
-Shades: ABS resin