Alex Mustard: Underwater Photography Masterclass

Alex Mustard: Underwater Photography Masterclass

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Underwater Photography Master Class

  • 192 pages
  • Reference lists camera body, lens, housing, aperture, shutter, iso, and strobes used for each image.


the definitive handbook for serious underwater photographers” SCUBA magazine

the very best publication… on the subject of underwater photography” DIVER magazine


* Covers classic and cutting edge techniques

* Explains exactly how to do it, and points out the common mistakes

* Teaches from the perspective of light

* Detailed insight from someone totally immersed in this world

* Not just coral reefs, photography in all underwater conditions

* Presents a vision for how to think about your photography and your lighting

* Helps you select the best photographic equipment and accessories

* Promotes the fun and opportunities of being an underwater photographer


  1. The Underwater Photographer
  2. All the Gear and Some Ideas
  3. Controlling Light and Camera
  4. Wide-Angle Light and Technique
  5. Macro Lighting and Technique
  6. Mastering Ambient Light
  7. Mastering Wide-Angle Lighting
  8. Mastering Macro Techniques
  9. Mastering Ideas and Techniques