Fix UWL-28 Fisheye Wet Mount Conversion Lens for 52mm Mounts

SKU # fix.20589


The UWL-28M52 fisheye conversion lens has a magnification ratio of 0.41.  This will give up to 168 degrees field of view (camera and housing dependent). 

The UWL-28M52 is an advance on the very successful UWL-30 lens, having been redesigned for compatibility with compact cameras with 28mm (35mm camera equivalent) wide lenses.

Dry, inert gas is injected into the lens during manufacture.  No humidity in the air space of the lens reduces any possibility of fogging to a minimum. 

The UWL-28 Fisheye Wet Mount Conversion Lens has M52 thread and can be mounted directly on the FIX S95, Fix S100 housings or Olympus housings equipped with the M52 thread.

This is a great lens choice for use with the Olympus TG line when packed inside a housing with a 52mm thread mount.

This fisheye lens is NOT compatible with Olympus XZ-1, XZ-2
This fisheye lens is NOT compatible with Panasonic LX-5, nor LX-7

This lens will not be satisfactory to use with Sony RX100 series cameras due to the large sensor size used by Sony.  For the Sony RX-100 series of cameras, we recommend the Inon UWL-H100 28M67 Type 2 wide-angle lens.

This lens is ideal for point-and-shoot cameras and compact cameras with small sensors and lenses.

Actual photographs were taken with the Fix UWL-28M52 on the Fix S100 Housing and the Canon S100 camera.

Construction 5 groups, 5 elements
Depth rating 60m / 200 feet
Magnification 0.41x
Mount M52
Body material Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
Weight in Air : 526g / Underwater : 165g
Size Diameter 126mm x 85mm
Included Items Dome cover, Rear rubber lens cap, Hexagon key, Product manual & warranty