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Nauticam N100 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port WACP

Nauticam N100 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port WACP

SKU # 85201


The WACP is a 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port.  Unlike traditional ports or wet-mate corrective wide-angle optics, the WACP is a "dry" corrective optic that modifies a 28mm equivalent lens to an extremely sharp 130º.  

Technical Specifications

 Depth Rating 100m
Weight (in air) 4.05 kg,  8.94 lb
Weight (in water) 0.32kg,  0.71 lb
Body Construction Hard-anodized Aluminum Alloy
Lens Construction 6 Elements in 5 Groups
Lens Coating Anti-reflective on both sides

Introducing Nauticam N100 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port WACP

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Hands on with the Nauticam WACP

Nauticam N100 .36x Wide Angle Conversion Port (WACP) Test Footage from Reef Photo & Video on Vimeo.




The WACP can focus from its front element to infinity allowing for extremely close-focus wide angle shooting.  When used with certain zoom lenses, the WACP can provide a variety of field-of-view options.

Buoyancy Collar

An aluminum float collar is standard and brings the in-water buoyancy 0.32kg negative. 

Compatible Lenses

Complete Port Chart here.

Included in the Box

  • Hard Lens Cap and rear port cap (N120)
  • N120 to N100 35mm port adaptor
  • Carrying Bag
  • Aluminium Float Collar (85221), for 85201