Ikelite Compact

for Sony A6000

SKU # ike.6910.61


Ikelite Compact DSLR Housing for Sony A6000

Camera, lens, port, are not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.  Port is required.

The camera's large, super-bright LCD screen is viewable edge-to-edge through the back of the housing.  Due to proximity to nearby camera controls, this housing does not offer support of the camera's optical viewfinder.

For TTL control of Ikelite strobes, an appropriate electrical sync cable required, not included. 

Other brands of strobes may be optically triggered.  The housing has two points for Sea & Sea style optical sync cables.  Use the camera's built-in pop-up flash to optically trigger external strobes.

  • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
  • All important camera functions are accessible
  • Ikelite bulkhead connector with built-in TTL circuitry
  • Slightly negative buoyancy in fresh water
  • Actual buoyancy varies depending on choice of lens and port
  • Weight 3.1 lb (1430 g) not including port
  • Dimensions 6.3 x 7.5 x 5.2 in (160 x 191 x 132 mm) including projections


  • Housing
  • Waterproof bulkhead cap
  • O-ring lubricant
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Port is not included and is required for use.