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Ikelite Ultra Compact Housing for Panasonic LX10 / LX15

SKU # ike.6171.01


Ikelite Ultra Compact Housing for Panasonic LX10 or LX15

Vacuum Leak Testing

A spare 1/2-20 threaded accessory port is provided on the side of the housing for easily installation of the optional Ikelite Vacuum Kit for 1/2 Inch Holes.  A vacuum kit allows you to de-pressurize the housing to check for proper assembly prior to entering the water.


Due to the position of the camera's flash in relation to its lens, the built-in flash is not suitable to illuminate photos under water.  For the best color and clarity, we recommend adding a filter, strobe, or constant-on light.  The built-in flash may be used to trigger external strobes via fiber optic sync cord.  Two ports are provided for the connection of up to two fiber optic cords.

The housing port is designed to accept 3.0-inch diameter color filters, and wide angle or macro options with 67mm threads.  Light is absorbed very quickly as it passes through water.  A subject will look darker, less colorful and somewhat grainy when viewed through even a few feet of water.  The addition of a compatible wide angle accessory expands the camera's field of view underwater, providing the opportunity to get as close as possible to the subject and reduce the amount of water light passes through.  The results speak for themselves - photos with the best color, exposure and clarity possible.


If desired, external close-up lens (diopter) may be directly mounted to the 67mm threaded port.

Wide Angle

The 67mm threaded port is ready to accept wide angle lenses and domes.  Some suitable choices are:

What's Included

  • Housing
  • Port cover
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
  • Controls for all camera functions except flash open lever; flash must be opened prior to installing camera in housing
  • Slightly negative buoyancy in fresh water
  • 12-24 thread tray mounting with 76mm (3 inch) spacing
  • Weight  1.2 kg  / 2.6 pound
  • Dimensions 135 x 130 x 175 mm  (6.9 x 5.1 x 5.3 inch)  including projections
  • 3.0-inch diameter glass lens port

Spare Parts, not included:

  • 0109 Main o-ring
  • 0200 Port cover
  • 0184.2 Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube