Nauticam NA-A7RIII

for Sony A7R III Camera

SKU # 17420


Nauticam NA-A7RIII Underwater Housing for Sony A7R III

Flash Triggering

Electrically triggered strobes can be connected by adding a Nikonos Bulkhead and Nauticam Universal Hotshoe, Nauticam #25056.

Optically triggered strobes can be connected with the Nauticam Universal Fiber Optic Cable Set and the Nauticam LED Flash Trigger, Nauticam #26302, not included.

HDMI Output

External HDMI monitors and recorders can be connected to the A7R III HDMI output when the Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead #25033 is added.

  • Dimensions: 348mm x 200mm x 118mm
  • Depth Rating:  100m
  • Weight:  2.42 kg
  • Battery for vacuum / leak monitoring system: CR2032

A compatible lens port is required and not included.  Use Nauticam N100 ports.