Ikelite Ultra Compact

for Panasonic LX100 / Leica 109 (Updated)

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Ikelite Ultra Compact Housing for Panasonic LX100 and Leica D-Lux 109

About The Camera

Building on its tremendously popular LX series, the Panasonic LX100 combines a super fast lens with a massive micro four-thirds size sensor with 1.5x the effective size as compared to the Canon PowerShot G7 X or Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III.  It also sports a TTL flash hot shoe, which means you don't have to rely on the camera's built-in flash for automatic strobe exposure.

The LX100 isn't just great for stills.  Panasonic continues to lead the way in high definition video by offering 4K resolution at 30p and 24.  Combine this with the built-in time-lapse function and you have all the tools you need to put together a fantastic video in, under, and around the water.  Time-lapse is used all over broadcast media to add a sense of scene to video transitions.  You know those shots where the clouds are moving and the sun sets in just a few seconds?  That's time-lapse and all you need is a tripod and the LX100!

The Updated Housing:

  • Ergonomic new shutter lever
  • Improved self-centering zoom control
  • Improved rear dial control
  • Front loading camera mounting
  • Silicone front hand grip
  • Standardized 1/4-20 mounting for external trays
  • Spare 1/2-20 accessory port for optional vacuum valve
  • New white ABS-PC blend

Wide Angle + Macro

The housing port is designed to accept color filter, wide angle, and macro options for 3.9-inch diameter ports.  

This housing is compatible with the WD-4 Wide Angle Dome for underwater wide angle which is sharper edge to edge than any external wet lens.  The WD-4 provides a full 24mm angle of coverage—with zero vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image)—and no zooming required.  Simple press-fit attachment allows easy removal underwater to shoot small macro critters.


An integrated TTL circuit is fine-tuned to the camera's flash exposure protocol for the most accurate exposure possible.  The circuit is powered by the strobe for zero maintenance and no batteries to change.  Exposure compensation in TTL mode is supported using the camera's built-in control.  At this time, only Ikelite DS strobes are capable of powering the circuitry.  SEA&SEA, INON, and Nikonos strobes attached via electrical sync cord will still enjoy fast recycle times and improved battery life, but must be used in manual exposure modes only.

This housing provides a direct electrical connection to the camera's external flash hot shoe.  Cord attachment is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.  The threaded fit prevents accidental detachment during use.  The bulkhead connection has been moved to the top of the housing to keep cords out of your way and reduce strain on the cord ends.  A variety of sync cord terminations are available for Ikelite, SEA&SEA, INON, or Nikonos strobes for ultimate versatility.

The LX100 does not feature a built-in flash.  External strobe(s) must be connected via electrical sync cord.

Strobe Compatibility, Electrical Sync:

  • DS50: yes, above serial number 70000
  • DS51: yes
  • DS125: yes, above serial number 5000
  • DS160, DS161: yes
  • DS200: yes, above serial number 7163
  • Non-Ikelite: yes, manual flash exposure only

 What's Included

  • Housing
  • Port cover
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
  • Controls for all camera functions except flash switch and viewfinder switch
  • Ikelite 5-pin bulkhead with TTL circuitry
  • Slightly negative buoyancy in fresh water
  • Weight 3.6 lb (1.6 kg)
  • Dimensions 7.3 x 6.7 x 5.9 in (15 x 18 x 15 cm) including projections
  • 3.9-inch (99 mm) diameter glass lens port

Spare Parts, not included:

  • 0110 Main o-ring
  • 0200.08 Port cover
  • 9104.5 Waterproof bulkhead cap
  • 0184.2 Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube